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Amanda Baehler



My Story

Hello Family and Friends!


I'm a mom of three children (25, 22, and 17)a Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor and a wife to an AMAZING man.  I was a customer of Scentsy long before I was a Consultant.  I had loved the smell and the different options you could get with the Warmers and scents.  I did not have a Consultant here in Comanche and did not know of anyone that sold it.  I was at an Event and that is where I meet my Sponsor.  Before I went and meet her, I would watch as to see how many customers were buying from her.  I thought she is doing really good.  My husband suggested that I talk with her about becoming a Consultant.  He always knows me before I know myself.  I did but I just was not sure I could sell Scentsy.  For several reasons:  I was a little (very) shy, I did not like to talk to people that I did not know, money, and I could give you a thousand more excuses of why I would not be good at it.  My husband and sponsor knew different so on October 30, 2014, I joined the Scentsy family!  Happy Halloween to me.  Boy, was I scared, I had just spent money on something that I did not know where or not I could make work.  I was so wrong.  I have only been with Scentsy for over several years and I have come a long way.  I have overcome a lot of my fears and I am able to push myself when I need it sometimes with the help of others I have been able to give my family more things and options now that I have Scentsy.  I am growing my team with some amazing ladies. That is something that I thought I would NEVER be able to do.  So NEVER say NEVER.  I look forward to helping you with all of your Scentsy needs.

I am looking for several more ladies and/or gentleman that would like to become part of my Scentsy Family.  Be sure and visit my join tab on the website to get more information and contact me if you have questions.  I look forward to welcome all of you to my team and Scentsy Family.


Incentives I have accomplished:



  Convention paid for!
7 Night Mediterranean Cruise



What's warming in my home